Argopantes and Corporate Social Responsibility

Argo and   Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR in this case is already an inseparable part of the Companys activities.

Companys responsibility for the welfare of society and the environment is as important as the responsibility for the growth of the Company.

Both are done in the interest of the Company for longterm sustainability. Because a company is not merely about business and profit, but also for the welfare of society.

The Company realizes that there is a lot of support provided by the community around the Company, so it should be the responsibility of the Company to return to the community what is rightfully theirs..

Here are a number of social activities that have been undertaken by the Company as a contribution to the community during 2014:

1. Green Program of the Tangerang citys Environment Agency. This program is the Companys commitment in order to realize its responsibility towards the environment and nature conservation. cost for this program IDR 5.000.000 every month

2. Development of young children in sports, in particular football. The program aims to foster the spirit of sportsmanship in the community whilst helping to improve the hidden talents of children in the field of sports. cost for this program IDR 4.600.000 every month

3. Internship program. This is an opportunity for all levels of society to gain work experience that would be useful in a real workplace. cost for this program IDR 12.500.000 every month

4. Blood donation is a humanitarian program for those who need blood as well as to foster a caring attitude towards others in public health. cost for this program IDR 1.500.000 every three month

5. training ( System Management , Occupational Health and Safety ) cost for this program IDR 9.400.000 every month.

6. Sports coaching Wushu cost for this program IDR 8.500.000 every month.